Design comes to Life®

Design First

“The name came from the concept that everything of lasting value begins with a design first. It doesn't matter if it's a bicycle, a car or a kitchen. It all starts with a good design.” Friedemann Weinhardt, Founder.

Design First Interiors

We are the premium provider of residential interior design and installation in the Ottawa region. The clientele of Design First are largely based in the National Capital Region of Canada. We are also proud to have completed projects in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Connecticut, New York City, Salt Lake City, Florida and Grand Cayman. Design First would be happy to discuss your project, wherever it is. We specialize in providing an exceptional end-to-end design/build experience through which, Design comes to Life.

Friedemann Weinhardt

Founded in 1986 by Friedemann Weinhardt, Design First Interiors is distinguished by its belief that any exceptional interior starts with a Design First. By forming a personal relationship with each client we ensure that unique wishes, needs and lifestyles are expertly transformed into living spaces that provide maximum enjoyment, function, exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

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