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Friedemann Weinhardt

“Friedemann Weinhardt has always been a creative person. He’s a born designer who holds a strong sense of what kind of design looks best for a particular home.” – OCHBA’s Impact newsletter

Design First Interiors was founded in 1986 by Friedemann Weinhardt, whose creative instinct, interior design experience and love of people culminates in Design First.

Always gifted at drawing and painting, Friedemann began to honor the gift of his talents through contemporary furniture design. The creative satisfaction of this experience soon led him to kitchen design, and he apprenticed at VanLeeuwen Boomkamp for two years prior to founding Design First. Design First began with a deceivingly simple seed of truth: that everything of quality starts with good design.

During his 28 years in business, Friedemann's vision and talent have been honored with numerous design awards and recognition, particularly for his kitchens, bathrooms, and custom home design.

He has established his company's reputation through exacting attention to detail, uncompromising business ethics, high standards of quality and a commitment to intelligent design. When he's not working on interior designs, Friedemann can be found painting, travelling to remote places, sailing, or cooking in his own Design First kitchen.

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